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“It's time to stand up - not to cheer, but to fight back.”
--Senator Russ Feingold, On Executive Power. (Daily Kos, 2006-02-02)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Security through Creativity

Recently Senator Feingold spoke before the Center for Strategic and International Studies and gave a talk entitled "Beyond Iraq: Refocusing our National Security Strategy".

(Full speech

As usual this speech was a masterful blend of current reality and a creative vision for America. Security, War, Peace and Defense are not topics that many Democrats are comfortable addressing in the same speech. Senator Feingold is both Progressive and able to address Defense and Security in such a pragmatic fashion that we can both feel safe and creative at the same time. Without safety our creativity cannot become real. As a country we have all become less creative because we have become compulsive about things we were never forced to confront.

We Americans need to rediscover what I call our "collective creativity". We need leaders and we need a President who will help us rediscover this creative side of America again. Russ has this quality of leadership.

We have turned a new corner in the history of our country. The same old ways of projecting our national identity - through an over reliance on our military might, will simply not work anymore. The Iraq war has now cost us over $320 billion and counting. We cannot buy our way out of the war on terror. Our budget deficit, that only 6 short years ago we thought was to be paid off by now, has growen to over $8 trillion and growing - fast. We need a new leader with creative ideas to challeng us all to find a new path for America. This speech demonstrates that Russ has the the qualities of leadership to develop with us pragmatic solutions for our security. As we have known, we cannot develop the creative solutions we need if we increasingly leave our security and intelligence gathering activities solely up to the military. We tried that in Vietnam and it didn't work there either.

In his speech the Senator said "To achieve success, it is critical to connect military and political assistance. I’ve called on the Administration to create a strategy that ties together new security assistance with critical reforms in these other areas. I have yet to see one, and I am very concerned. " We should all be very concerned and demand leadership at all levels of our country who will develop the creative strategies we need to be secure. We must also link economic strategies to help in this war. Increasingly American business solutions to countries around the world have do not have sloutions that allow people to learn how to creatively develop solutions for theor own wars on terror. We need to change this shortsighted view of corporate responsibility - the war on terror demands such an enlightened view. We cannot save the world by giving away money like we have seen fit to do in Iraq.

Creative solutions don't take money to develop but they do take a new way of looking at the war on terror. The current direction of America is to say we do not need creativity we just need a bigger defense budget. It this really the America we want?


Blogger kismarc said...

Security involves looking at the whole picture. Brute military force will lead to failure in the end. In my travels around the world, I find that many people in other countries like the ideals of America and indeed, like the American people as individuals. However, the sad reality of the sledgehammer military approach to solving problems has turned much of the world against us.

Marc Wathen Hong Kong

7:09 PM  

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