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“It's time to stand up - not to cheer, but to fight back.”
--Senator Russ Feingold, On Executive Power. (Daily Kos, 2006-02-02)

Friday, June 02, 2006

The health of the American way of life...depends on us all

Today there was a message from Move-on about the results of their positive agenda poll. Here are the results of what some of us thought were the most important issues facing America today. Almost 97% of the more than 100,000 "voters" in the poll selected one of this items.

Health care for all
Sustainable energy independence
Restored constitutional rights
Guaranteed accurate elections
Global leadership through diplomacy
High quality education for all
Solutions to global warming
A guaranteed living wage
Publicly funded elections
A balanced federal budget

My personal favorite "Global leadership through diplomacy" came in a respectable 5th.

What is most interesting to me is the vast chasm in the direction of America, (I would even go so far as to say the health of America - see item #1), that has developed in such a very short period of time. These 10 items signify to me what are the real core values of America that we have all allowed to slip away on our watch. It is us "baby boomers" who have for the most part been responsible for the ill-health that afflicts our America today. Now our task will be how can we nurse America back to health. How can we once again value people over profits. Peace over War.

Perhaps we need to put the top 10 items from the conservative agenda across for ours and demonstrate with practical and pragmatic policy solutions that all of us Americans really do want the same things - we just say it differently. We need to show that the wide chasm that some have created for political reasons, is part of the real illness that is making our America sick today. We have all become part of the problem and not part of the solution. We need health care but we are not allowed to offer solutions

My feeling is that Russ is the one who has the experience and strength to lead our America WITH US. Make no mistake - it will not be easy. As with any serious illness the cure will take many different creative solutions from all of us. Russ is a perfect "President" to lead the way for America, but the cure depends on the creative solutions of "we the people" each and every day. We must all step up to the challenge today to make a difference tomorrow.

Don't be mislead and think it is the big things that will make the real difference in November 2008 - all effort is welcome and needed now. Perhaps all you want to do is join organizations like Move-On and work with them to create ideas, or you could become active with the Draft Russ effort and write a blog or you could suggest policy ideas directly to Russ at his Senate web site. The difference is not how many big efforts we make in 2008 that will make the real difference in the next President America elects. The real difference is the result of how many small efforts we will committ to each and every day for the next 900 days that will determine if we can create a more healthy America in the years to come. How badly do we want an American way of life that reflects our values and beliefs in a better life for all of us?


Blogger kismarc said...

These are all at the top of my list. Today Russ is speaking at the Democratic Convention in my home state of Maine. I will be interested in the reaction of my friends to him. Maine is a progressive blue state. Russ could do well in 2008 among Maine activists.

Marc Wathen Hong Kong

6:06 AM  

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