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“It's time to stand up - not to cheer, but to fight back.”
--Senator Russ Feingold, On Executive Power. (Daily Kos, 2006-02-02)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Why Feingold in 2008?

I am new to this world of Blogging, so I wanted to introduce myself by way of offering an insight into what you will read about in this new Americans Abroad for Russ Blog.

We Americans who lived abroad need a place to add some insight into the Foreign Policy and international business debate from a progressive point of view. We want to help formulate ideas and spark discussion about how a Feingold Presidency will be what is needed for a more secure America and world.

We who call ourselves - Progressives - need to get much better at describing how a world full of hope is a more secure world. The Progressive vision for America and the world does offer the best chance for a more hopeful and secure world but we have done a very poor job at describing, in practical terms, how we will do that. (After all, how secure were the 800,000 in Rwanda who died under a Clinton presidency?) The Republicans are excellent at telling everyone what the Democratic defense policy would look like, mostly because there has been no leadership within the Democratic Party – until Russ. That is unless you call “I would fight the same war in Iraq, but fight it differently!” a practical defense strategy for anything but defeat.

To many people in middle America, that vote Bush (I now describe Bush policy as the - The great destroyer of the American culture of hope) , the “New Deal” was the last good idea any Democrats have had. This is why we loose elections. We do not offer the American population hope for a more secure and better today or tomorrow.

Al Lowenstein was my mentor of things political so very many years ago now. Al has a quality that is mostly lacking in politiicans today. Al believed in people and the value of people. Al brought hope with him wherever he went.

We need to move forward, once again to this culture of “hope”. Hope is not a sign of weakness like Bush would lead America to believe. Hope is American. America has always been about giving people hope. We have all been robbed of hope for today and a better tomorrow because of what I call “Bush’s America – the Culture of Endless and Pre-emptive War”. This is the doctrine that defines and embodies the Bush culture for the America of the future. Bush will now, not just “smoke ‘em out” but he has said we, AMERICANS will nuke ‘em out – “all options are on the table”. This approach is wrong for any number of reasons but it is also wrong because it is not the culture of America. The security of America and the world rests in our ability to help Russ bring to the table, practical ways to deal with the many problems we face. We all need to be involved in the process of developing solutions, not just giving money to ease our conscience. As we discovered during the last election we can raise more money than the Republicans, but if our message does not ring true we still loose. Issue and policy development matter! But sound, practical issue and policy development just takes time – and we still have time.

While we have the time, this Blog will be about developing issues with an international Business and Foreign Policy bent. We want to help Russ develop issues that ring true in the ears and hearts of all Americans – especially the Bush voters. We need “participatory, people-centered” issues to guide us on to victory in 2008. Perhaps we should adopt one of my old classic books “Hope for the Flowers” (link ) as a reading primer. We need to let everyone know that Russ is the candidate of solutions for “ordinary people”. Hope without solutions is full of dead promises – and is the false spring of “Bush’s America”.

Our America with Russ is one that is all about Hope and is a plan for America that is firmly grounded in security and peace and growth for all of us. The trick for us Progressives is how to say this in ways that speak to voters who feel deeply that we are “just a bunch of wide-eyed, liberal hacks – that have never come up with a good idea since the New Deal!”

The solutions are inside each and every American, we Progressives need to help give these unspoken solutions voices. Russ is the one who can lead us; but it is up to us to provide the solutions…..that is unless you will be happy with a Bush clone for another 8 or more years.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Join The Feingold Revolution!

The Feingold 50 Blogs Strategy

A grassroots revolution is taking place, and you're invited to take part.

The conventional wisdom is that it's too early to be working towards the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary. We should focus solely on the 2006 elections, and take the presidential race as it comes.

There is, unquestionably, some wisdom in this approach. But hasn't history taught us some harsh lessons about waiting to long to take action?

Unless progressive activists take strong, early action, Hillary Clinton will be our next presidential nominee. She's got the money. She's got the name recognition. She's got a fair amount of affection from the Democratic rank and file.

Hillary in the White House isn't the worst thing that could happen, but it's certainly not the best.

So, what can we do to stop this?

We can organize. We can set goals. We can meet them. We can help him start his campaign in November from a stronger position. Stronger name recognition. Stronger understanding of his positions. Stronger knowlege of his history of service to this country. And as the campaign ramps up, he'll already have the advantage of connections in the fifty states. Volunteers who have the advantage of knowing their peers across the country. Volunteers who are already battle-tested and ready to do what it takes to put him in the White House.

We already have blogs in 14 states -- we're almost a third of a way there. We need a blog in each state. We also need more contributors pumping their ideas and articles into the blogs. Change history: join the revolution today.

Here are some ways to start:
  1. Join the Feingold08 Mailing List.
  2. Get active at the Russ Cafe.
  3. Stop in at the Progressive Patriots Fund, Russ's Leadership PAC.
  4. Start a state blog. If you want, you can use the templates here.
  5. Contribute content and/or code at RussForge. Learn how here.
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